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Nabaztag is a bizarre gadget. This white rabbit with rotating ears and flashing spots is really a WiFi receiver and sender. This opens up for many possibilities. Amongst other things it is able to read messages written and sent from my homepage, or from a online meeting place for other Nabaztag parents.

Nabaztag can also give you the weather, news by RSS, which it reads out loud, or through web radio. With its ear language and language of lights, you can also program it to show anything from rise and fall of stocks to how many e-mails you have received since you’ve been out.

In addition to some what useful things, it also does a lot of funny things. It will sometimes work out with its ears and do tai-chi. It might also present you with a comment or a poem at any time.

Recently the rabbit has also gotten wireless stamps. Yes, you heard right: stamps and wireless. The stamps (ztamp:s) are really stickers with RFID wich makes it possible for the rabbit to recognize the objects you stick them on and hold up to the rabbit. Then it can play a song, get you the news or what ever you program it to do, just by letting it sniff the stamp.


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